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Devotion marks the culmination of one man’s all consuming obsession with education. Mr. Mahendra Khandelwal, the promoter-cum-faculty head of the institute has been one of the leading lights in the field of coaching for various competitive examinations in the state of Rajasthan. Having taught for fifteen years at various leading institutes in Jaipur, Mr. Khandelwal has developed a keen insight into the field. The real motivation behind founding the fastest growing coaching institute in the state was helping students develop the right attitude and aptitude for a fulfilling career in the public sector banks and various other government jobs. Mr. Khandelwal, since his student days, has been an extraordinary guide and motivator and this is precisely something that sets him apart from the rest of his peers. 

Ably led by its founding father, Mr. Khandelwal, the faculty at Devotion is packed with the best in business. The institute is acutely aware of the fact that the mere teaching is not enough to prepare a twenty something youngster to shoulder the responsibility of the prospective job of such a nature therefore the lectures and workshops on general awareness, stress management and personality improvement and reformation are routinely conducted.

Devotion isn’t just an institute, it is a movement aimed at making idols out of amorphous stones. It is all about fashioning fine professionals out of the raw material of bumbling youth. Come and experience first-hand the passion of an educationist par excellence and see for yourself what can come out of well- directed enthusiasm. Words are after all a poor substitute for a personal experience, aren’t they?