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About Bank PO Preparation at Devotion

Why Devotion
It is a comprehensive training and not coaching

  • Unmatched selection ratio in previous exams
  • Strict discipline and decorum
  • Highly qualified and devoted teachers
  • Starting from the scratch or zero by taking the students to be absolute beginners
  • Focused training instead of mere classroom teaching
  • A compulsory doubts clearing session at the end of every topic
  • A graded test series starting with topicwise and sectionwise tests on a regular basis and complete tests once 80% course is over
  • A comprehensive online test series besides the classroom tests
  • Special doubt solving sessions in addition
  • The only institute to have a vast 4500-page bilingual study material including the online and
    classroom tests
  • Highly positive and electrifying environment conducive to a quick learning
  • Special emphasis on vocabulary building and pronunciation
  • Latest information about vacancies, exams, interviews and changes in the syllabi
  • Personality development sessions.
  • Problem solving sessions for old students till selection
  • Emphasis on the development of interpersonal skills by means of group discussions
  • Ample Sessions on General awareness

Mr. Mahendra Khandelwal is a management graduate from the most prestigious business school of the state, R A Podar Institute of Management. An educationist first and last, Mr. Khandelwal is a firm believer in hard work and constant innovation. With around fifteen years of rich teaching experience under his belt, he is among the most respected in the field of coaching for bank and S S C recruitment examinations. Having taught at leading institutes of the state he has gained some tremendous insights into the fine art of leading by the example. Having an analytical bent of mind the faculty head is an expert par excellence in both maths and reasoning.

This institute has been a tremendous source of learning for me—learning about human nature, students’ psyche and more importantly about the limits of my own adaptability and endurance. I am not new to teaching. Well, I have done it all my life yet I cannot say with any degree of confidence that I have learnt everything about it. But then, isn’t life a constant learning process? Ably assisted by my trusted lieutenant and friend, Surkesh Lakhwani, I am committed to providing the enterprise of education my best day after day, month after month. My association with my friend, who is also an eminent teacher of English, definitely produces a multiplier effect. How right he is when he says it is so simple to be difficult but it is so difficult to be simple! Indeed, simplicity is the watchword with us, the team Devotion.
Doing MBA from the prestigious R A Podar Institute of Management taught me that success isn’t as much a product of brilliance as it is of perseverance and collective effort by a group of high-octane group. My fellow members of faculty are the real source my confidence. As a leader I believe I must always try to live up to the ideal enunciated by Lord Krishna in chapter four of the Geeta, “For others to follow the right path it is incumbent on the leaders to lead by example. May God lead us all to the right path in life.

Mahendra Khandelwal